The Big 5 0 Looms

The Big 5 0 Looms;

As fast as I try to pedal back the years with all the latest fads and diets, ‘eat this’ ‘drink this’ ‘slather this on your skin’ the big 5 0 approaches. But in reality, I have never been too worried about getting older, in fact, in lots of ways life has got better as the years have slipped by. But it has struck me how fast time does crack on as one matures and how important it is to make the most of your time. As with most cyclists, I wanted to mark the passing of this milestone year with something epic, something I would remember (or maybe try to forget) for years to come, something challenging, something to get friends involved with.

After much deliberation on what this challenge should look like, I decided I wanted to complete a project, something that;

  • Would take a considerable time to complete
  • Would involve a good bunch of cycling friends
  • Would include an element of planning
  • Would take me to new places
  • Would give me yet another excuse to ride my bike

For a couple of years, I have half-heartedly been ticking off the Simon Warren’s 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs mostly while I have been away guiding. Despite not really being a climber I really enjoy the challenge of pushing myself up some of Britain’s, biggest and steepest hills.


Looking into the possibility of complete 50 of the 100 climbs I soon realised that logistically it would be somewhat challenging to complete and require a considerable amount of travelling. With that in mind, I decided I also wanted an element of the challenge I could do at home, on local roads.

50/50 @50 Project

And there it was, the 50/50 @50 Project was born.

Fifty 50-mile rides, plus 50 of the 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs from Simon Warrens original book ‘100 Greatest Cycling Climbs’.

The rules;

  • Not all of the 50 milers have to include a 100 Greatest Climb
  • Any of the 50 climbs ridden must be part of a 50-mile route
  • All 50 climbs must be from the Simon Warren’s original book ‘100 Greatest Cycling Climbs.
  • Any climbs ridden from Simon Warren’s second book ‘Another 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs’ will not contribute towards my 50 climbs, they are chucked in just for fun…

With the first stage planning done it was time to start looking at the diary, set some dates and enter some events. It soon became clear that as previously thought it would be reasonably easy to get in the 50-mile rides but completing the 50 climbs would take considerably more time and planning. I hoped to achieve the challenge in a year, but as it was already February, I had some catching up to do.

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